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Chieh Cheng
(909) 492-1373


Seeking career challenge as software team leader.


  • Leading teams and individuals to project completion.
  • Training new hires to perform project tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Providing key support to senior management and stakeholders
  • Team player who is able to relate to people at any level.
  • Developing techniques for reducing expenses and improving profitability.
  • Successfully performed relationship and negotiations management with internal and externals clients.
  • Outstanding analytical, technical, and problem-solving techniques.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Over ten years of hands-on experience in software development methodologies.


Senior Application Analyst
November 2015 - April 2016

Developed custom indicators and strategies for NinjaTrader 7 using a derivatives of Microsoft C# and .NET languages. Created robust-workaround for NinjaTrader's order management deficiencies. Tested indicators and strategies to ensure functionality and no bugs. Simulated historical and real-time performance for testing and risk analysis. Executed strategies using controlled level of financial investments to ensure bug-free design.

Senior App Developer
Cynosure.X International LLC
September 2015 - November 2015

Developed mobile apps for the Android platform using Java. Tested apps to ensure full funcationality without failure. Delivered apps to various Android app stores around the world. Reports on Google Play indicated zero failures with deployed apps.

Senior Software Test Engineer
Optivus Proton Therapy, Inc., San Bernardino, California
June 2010 - September 2015

Served as Test Engineer Lead for the entire software team. Created and designed test methodologies to fit our software development process. Ensure software test process is being followed during software development phases. Create automated testing infrastructure to improve efficiency and software quality. Estimate test effort necessary for satisfactory test coverage for projects. Track bug reports in Bugzilla to ensure delivery of quality software. Train team members to develop automated test cases using scripting languages, such as JavaScript, Python, and UNIX shell scripts. Deployed and maintained Squish for Qt and automated test machines in a controlled test environment. Integrated control test environment with source code configuration management systems (Git and ClearCase).

Worked on the Active Beam Scanning (ABS) project using the agile process with full software development cycle. The distributed ABS control system consists of a Linux host computer and multiple Linux real-time embedded systems. Real-time operation on a Motorola embedded processor with Pentax DSP processors. For this project, we migrated all our documentation from Mircrosoft Word to Visual Pardigm. And we moved MySQL databases to PostgreSQL.

Senior Software Engineer
Optivus Proton Therapy, Inc., San Bernardino, California
February 2002 - June 2010

Acted as Project Technical Lead. Led a software team of two to nine members to complete a multi-million dollar Precision Patient Alignment System (PPAS) project. Performed candidate interviews to fill positions. Hired internal associates, contract personels, and outsource employees to move project forward. Brought new team member up to speed on sophisticated project details to provide results. Provided proposal, estimation, and result-generating strategy to project team. Tracked bug reports and assigned priorities to make sure all critical bugs are eliminated. Reduced conflicts between team members to focus on results. Worked with team members to evaluate validity in scientific results. Provided project status to Specialized Team Leader (STL) and Project Team Leader (PTL). Coordinated project efforts between software team, mechanical team, electrical team, system team, outsource companies, product vendors, and customers. The project was managed via a waterfall process with full software development cycle: requirements gathering, design, implementation, test, and release. Tools used included GNU C++, ClearCase, Bugzilla, MySQL, Microsoft Project, Visio, and Mathcad.

Software Engineer
Optivus Technology, Inc. San Bernardino, California
August 1998 - February 2002

Completed development of the Ion Source Upgrade (ISU) software control system project for the Proton Beam Treatment System (PBTS) located at the Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC). The software control system is responsible for hardware interfacing with the Matrix MD-DAADIO board for digital-analog conversion and the VCT board for clock timing. Responsibilities include designing and implementing 1) the user-interface module; 2) the client-server network communication modules; 3) the drivers for hardware interfacing. The ISU project involves a Sun Ultra 5 workstation networked with a real-time embedded system. The embedded system consists of VME crates with Motorola MVME167 processors, running the VxWorks operating system. Development was done using C++, Standard Template Library, Motif, and XLib on a Sun Solaris UNIX host.

Web Developer
Cynosure.X International LLC
June 1998 - August 1998

Developed on-line ordering system for web-surfers to purchase products via credit card. The ordering system was developed using Perl and Common Gateway Interface (CGI). Integrated Apache web server with MySQL database.

Software Applications Analyst
Analysis & Technology, Inc. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
April 1997 - June 1998

Lead analyst on the development of stand-alone, and web-based, client-server Java application to display digital Special Tactical Oceanographic Information Chart (STOIC) for the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVO). Responsibilities: 1) Successfully parsed and decoded the Intergraph Microstation design file format (DGN). 2) Designed and created the graphic user-interface (GUI) to pane, zoom, and display selected levels. 3) Provided design and implementation analysis on data structure to improve performance. 4) Wrote object-oriented algorithms to plot and display the 2D and 3D graphics data on the screen in real-time. The product is designed in pure Java and will be cross-platform compatible. Programmed application launchers for each specific operating platform using C++ and UNIX/Windows native API. The final product will be distributed to the U.S. Naval fleet.

Developing application for remote sensing, satellite image processing, and data management for the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Monterey, California. Responsibilities are 1) creating and maintaining the GUI of the NRL tropical cyclone (TROPX) system; 2) providing design analysis to the internal computation algorithms and data storage methods; 3) porting the TROPX system from UNIX onto Windows NT, while providing performance analysis. Development uses PV-WAVE, Fortran, and shell script.

Perform as a Site Quality Council Representative to help obtain ISO 9000 Quality System registration for our company. Primary duty is to communicate and resolve Quality System issues in scheduled meetings.

Software Developer
Cynosure.X International LLC
January 1997 - April 1997

Concentrated on pure Java object-oriented application development. Development includes a common class library, a text editor, a sticky-note software, a file splitting utility, and etc. All these production software are available on Hobbes OS/2 Archive.

Developed shareware and freeware application software for various operating system platforms. Development includes a screen saver utility for OS/2 Presentation Manager, a screen capture utility for Windows, and a label printing utility for DOS. Development uses ANSI C, C++, and UNIX shell script. These utilities are available through various distribution channels (e.g. SimTel).

Assistant System Administrator
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. University of Kansas
September 1996 - December 1996

Responsible for monitoring computer labs, providing Electrical Engineering and Computer Science departmental and user support, writing and maintaining the departmental web pages. Duties include programming Java applets and programming Perl scripts to perform system tasks on the UNIX operating systems.

Cynosure.X International LLC
September 1995 - September 1996

Established a web server on the Internet using OS/2. The server provided software and services for the Internet community. Services include Telnet, FTP, HTTP, etc. Performed Common Gateway Interface (CGI) script programming using Perl and REXX.

Information Systems Services Support
Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc. Kansas City, Missouri.
May 1995 - December 1995

Responsible for providing technical consultation to Information System Services Customer Representatives, providing coordination of computer-related issues between Information System Services and other departments, and providing user support. Duties include strategic planning on network installation, maintenance, and relocation of computer equipment. Involved in projects to convert legacy systems using Visual BASIC.

System Administrator
Video A. Los Angeles, California.
June 1990 - August 1992

Responsible for establishing Novell Netware to run Video Quick software in multiple chain-store locations. Duties include network installation, configuration, and system backup. Assigned to program FoxBASE+ codes.


B.S. Computer Science, December 1996.
University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS.


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